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Jumpstart | zTip #2

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In our last segment, I spoke of the importance of initially preparing a whitepaper and then subsequently a business plan before deciding to launch a new business or product. After the last tip was posted I received a few tweets, as I suspected, that there was some doubt as to...
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A Tale Of Two Retailers

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For nearly 100 years we have all visited Radio Shack. Now, they’re dead. Yesterday they declared bankruptcy. And The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading of its shares. Yet another iconic brand that succumbed to laggardly leadership. This could have been avoided. It’s not like the red lights weren’t flashing…

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Who Is Jordan Zimmerman?

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  Jordan Zimmerman is Founder, Chairman and architect of the Zimmerman Advertising empire, now the 14th largest advertising agency in the world with published billings in excess of $3 billion. Jordan Zimmerman founded his company in 1984 working tirelessly, personifying an insane commitment to be the best. Jordan trademarked his…

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